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Online Corporate Wellness Education Modules

The creative way to reach out and protect the health of your employees, wherever they are.

Over 2000 Ohio State University staff have participated in KeepSafe Food Education modules.

Gahanna Jefferson Public School Employees earned KeepSafe Food safety tools and kits for completing the series.

I will create wellness modules personalized to your company’s needs to reduce the odds that your staff are not the 1/6th of Americans who will suffer from a foodborne illness this year.  

ServSafe Proctoring & Study Guides

Certified ServSafe Instructor & Proctor- Education delivered professionally by an experienced foodservice director. Ohio Department of Health Approved Provider. ODH reciprocity included in Proctoring Services.

Community Learning Programs

NOT the same old nutrition lecture. Invite me for a one of a kind, in person, program guaranteed to entertain your audience and leave them with practical, take home tips and advice on how to Protect their Plate.


Satisfied Clients:


I love my mat. I use it every single day. I usually have to wash it so I can use it again... so I just ordered the full set. I want to share with my friends and relatives.
— B. Lemonakis, Culinary Ambassador
As a former teacher of food classes in Dublin City schools I would have loved to have the KeepSafeFood cutting mats for my students to use in class, Food safety is the first topic to teach and these cutting mats are easy to use, good for knives, very easy to clean store and reinforce food safety principles.

— J. Workman, Global Gourmet Teacher
Love the tips on the cutting mat! They will help me prepare my food much more safely! Thanks!
— J. Wood, RN
The mats are science based!!! They are a great resource. Guess who are getting the mats for gifts? 1) a college freshman who makes a lot of his own meals. 2) an 11 year old who LOVES food. 3) an adult son who is a grill master. 4) a client who is obsessed with vegetables.

— Barbara M. , Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
I have to confess, I have the set of cutting sheets and I am hesitant to use them because I do not want to mess them up!!
They are great, just too pretty!

— M. Hess, Registered Dietetic Technician