Is Pet Love Risky?

If we can have Christmas in July, then why not Valentine’s Day in August?

Now that I have not one, but two granddogs, I have to start paying attention to this sort of thing so I’m summarizing excerpts from Is Pet Love Risky? Which originally aired in February by the Partnership for Food Safety Education’s (PFSEC).

I love words. Here’s a new term I learned from Megin Nichols and Lauren Stevenson of the CDC: Zoonotic diseases: ones naturally transmissible  between animals and humans.

 Other highlights from the webinar:

  • The more you hang with animals, the more susceptible you are. Those at highest risk are:

    • Veterinarians and Zookeepers

    • Pet Store, Dairy, Ranch and Postal Workers

 What you can do:

  • Give your pets the same consideration as your other family members when it comes to cleaning and sanitation practices.

  • Do not feed or handle raw pet food and check the graphics for other practices.

  •  There are special tips for hedgehogs (who knew?), turtles and back yard chickens

  • For the complete presentation click here Is Pet Love Risky?


Noted thanks to PFSEC Moderator Britanny Saunier


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