Child Conservation Moms Donate to Moms2B

On behalf of the Ohio Child Conservation League, I chose to donate to the Moms2B program because they teach food safety as one of many ways to reduce infant mortality in Ohio.


This group of moms, many who reside in Gahanna, have been meeting for so many years that their own children are grown, making many of them grandmothers. Host, Cheryl Malone, invited me to provide an update on how to "Protect their Plates" from foodborne illnesses (FBIs). Afterwards, they sent a check, advising me to make a child worthy donation. I chose the Moms2B program because it teaches food safety as one of many ways to reduce infant mortality. Moms2B chose KSF Fridge Freezer Magnets for their participants. I delivered them yesterday. Thanks to CCL from KSF for helping Moms2B to Protect Their Plates.

Questions, courtesy of the League. Answer summaries courtesy of OSU Medical Dietetic Intern and future Registered Dietitian, Liz Alaimo.

Q: Do dogs get FBIs? Mine eats anything and never seems to get sick.

A: Yes, dogs can get FBIs. And if they do, they exhibit some of the same symptoms as people. Sometimes a pet may show no symptoms but still carry germs in stool, saliva or fur.

Tips for safe handling of pet food mimic those used for serving food to people:

·      Wash hands with soap and water before and after touching pet food.

·      Clean pet food and water dishes after each feeding

·      Use a clean scoop to fill the bowls

·      Throw away spoiled or old pet food in a tied plastic bag.

Thanks for asking this interesting question. I found this link with more info on the topic.   Stop Foodborne Illness

Q: I encourage school kids to wash their hands, not just use sanitizer. Is that better?

 A: Washing is better when hands are visibly soiled. Otherwise hand sanitizer is fin

·      Use soap and water and encourage children to sing the ABC song while rubbing hands together under water.

·      Air Dry or use a disposable paper towel.

Q: Should I be concerned about buying olives that have been sitting out for who knows how long on an “olive bar” at the grocery store?

 A: If the temperature is held below 41°F and a sneeze guard is in place, then purchasing these olives should be fine.

I occasionally hear the overhead announcement at Kroger’s reminding department managers to “check the cold food temperatures. “ This is a promising sign that they practice basic food safety. OH SeedSalad Salad Bar SetUp

Q: How long can I keep food in the fridge?

A: This is one of the most asked questions.  We passed around the KSF Fridge/Freezer Storage Guide  magnet and several members purchased one for a son or spouse to encourage them not to keep food too long. When in doubt, the 4 Day Throw Away slogan works as a general reminder.

Q: How do you safely heat leftovers? There were several questions and good discussion about reheating leftovers in the microwave:

A: Reheat to: 165 degrees F and stir at least once during the process  USDA Leftovers & Food Safety